Taking communion at home

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Taking communion at home

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Taking communion at home…

I have copied and pasted the below article which explains why it is OK to take communion at home. It’s OK to do this. We need to do this.

▪️ OBJECTIONS are generally due to the perception that communion has to be administered in a Church building by an officiating Priest. However in contrast, Jesus instituted communion, and privately partook in a home with his disciples. This fashion of taking communion in the home continued in this manner for several hundred years, without the need of a Priest, Rabbi, or Pastor to administer God to us!

The change came when the Church was institutionalized as the state religion of Rome. After that communion was removed from the home and made into a religious rite administered only by Priests commissioned by the State of Rome. It is time we stop the religious non-sense and get back to worshipping God in Spirit and truth! We therefore contend that if you can pray at home, if you can worship at home, and if our homes are truly houses of God, then we can certainly seek His presence and commune with Almighty God in our homes; for God is not imprisoned by the edicts of a pagan Roman emperor.
Therefore, we are pleased to bring the online communion that you and your family can take at home or anywhere else where you wish to commune with the Lord Jesus.

Before starting the video, please prepare the symbolic elements of the table.
1 - Bread.
2 - Fruit of the cup (wine, water, juice) remember the liquid is symbolic of the greater reality.

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