When Christ Returns

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When Christ Returns

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When Christ Returns
By David Jeremiah

The Rapture: To Take His Church to Be With Him

Christ’s coming is imminent; all the prophecies which must be fulfilled before His return are completed. He will descend with a shouted command, the voice of an angel, and the trumpet of God. All believers, living and dead, will suddenly meet the Lord in the air.

Like an eager bride, the Church waits for the final culmination of her union with her Groom.

The Tribulation

The moment after the Rapture, the Spirit of God will remove any restraining influence on earth so that things will be far, far worse than even today. The seven-year Tribulation Period will see the climax of worsening conditions, the anger of God against the wicked, and the signs of Christ’s coming in judgment. Believers alive at the Rapture will miss those seven horrible years.

Second Coming to Judge the World

The Antichrist will rule wickedly. But just when it seems there is no hope, when the bottom is finally reached and evil rules, the Second Coming will finally come about and God’s Son will dethrone the Beast.

The millennium, to rule the world

The word “Millennium” simply means “one thousand years.” During those ten centuries of righteousness, Christ will rule on earth from His capital in Jerusalem. To add to the excitement, John tells us that the followers of Christ will rule with Him.

New heaven and new earth

Although the physical properties of the new heaven and the new earth are not described in detail, what we are told is enough to fill us with hope and joy.

~~Dr. David Jeremiah’s book Escape the Coming Night.

God knows the future. He knows tomorrow as thoroughly as He knows yesterday, and He has shared His insights with us in the 22 chapters of Revelation. We don’t need to read tea leaves, to become sci-fi fanatics, or to look at crystal balls to know what’s coming. You can discover it in the final pages of Scripture.

The times are urgent; the days are short; and the battle is fierce. The book of Revelation is a shield for the heart, and as we study it we’ll discover how to escape the coming night—and anticipate the eternal day. Learn more about the coming days and what they mean for us today in Dr. David Jeremiah’s book Escape the Coming Night.~~
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