Bonnie Moore: Plead The Blood

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Bonnie Moore: Plead The Blood

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⭐️Plead The Blood⭐️
By Bonnie L. Moore

It is a legal term, the Bible is full of of legal terms. You file pleadings in a court of law as an attorney and there is a law on which you plead your case, which you have to state when you file a petition and the relief you are seeking pursuant to that law is called the "prayer" and it ends the petition asking for an order and judgment granting your petition as you have stated therein.

If you are asking according to the law and your opponent is violating that law, you win. So in the court of Heaven, the accuser of the brethren accuses us night and day before God, the just Judge, but by our words we are acquited (declared righteous) and by our words we are condemned.

Every fact is established upon the testimony of two or three witnesses, the devil is trying to make you say what he is saying about you and witness with him, thus establishing his case against you by your own mouth agreeing with his lies that you are under condemnation for your sins. And God is bound by the words of you mouth. But you overcome his accusations by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony! Rev. 12:11. And you witness with the Holy Spirit who is witnessing with you that you are redeemed by the blood, and He is your advocate, as is also Jesus, your High Priest of your confession (homologia in Greek which means speaking the same word in agreement with Him, i.e. two or three witnesses to establish the fact legally) and so you win by the law on which you plead your case, the blood of the Lamb, and the word of your testimony--

You are beloved, forgiven, blessed, healed, and favored. Your sins are not just forgiven, they are gone, borne by Him who knew no sin but became sin for us all. And that is your testimony and it is all based upon the law on which you plead your case! The law of the blood of the Lamb. "For you know well, Your Honor, that my sins it did erase!" And you establish that you are cleansed and a new creation by the word of your testimony in agreement with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. And the verdict? The destroyer cannot come near you.

NEVER be the second witness with what the devil is saying about you, he wants to win his case against you by your own mouth! The blood is more than enough.

I have a rap song I wrote about this called "In the Court of Heaven" and we performed it as a courtroom scene in the conference I held on March 4, 2023 here in Hawaii called "Walking in Newness of Life." Besides running the ministry, I am an attorney licensed in NY, CA, and Hawaii.
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