Sandi Freed: Vexed

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Sandi Freed: Vexed

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Sandie Freed
Are You Being Vexed by the Enemy? (Repost from 2014)
This is a timely Reread!

Vexation. What is it? How do I know that I am experiencing it? These are questions that need answers. I have been studying this subject for several years, and in fact, I have written about vexation in one of my latest books, The Jezebel Yoke. In this blog I will get straight to the point concerning the meaning of vexation and the evil demonic powers behind it. If you have been experiencing any of this it is highly possible that you have been vexed by the enemy:

Feeling like you're at the "end of your rope!"
Inability to concentrate and confused
Feeling intense pressure
Feeling as if you are under some type of "witchcraft" assignment
Targeted by the enemy
Struggling with manipulation and control
Feeling oppressed
Feeling cramped, (as if you are closed off from destiny), limited and cut-off
Feeling bound up and unable to break free
Loss of vision
Battling a death structure
Unable to get past your past
If you are experiencing any of this keep reading! The Lord wants you to possess your Promised
Land and experience freedom!

Demonic Possession

Vexation in the New Testament makes reference to demonic "possession." It is this writers opinion that a Christian cannot be completely "possessed" by the devil. However, I strongly believe that a Christian can need deliverance from a demonic stronghold or influence. If you recall, Jesus even asked Peter how Satan had found an entrance to his heart. Yes, even though Peter was a follower of Christ, he was still influenced by a demonic presence. We are in a season where we need to check our hearts and repent if we have opened a door to demonic opposition. We often open doors through the eye gate (not being cautious what we allow our natural eyes to behold), and the ear gate (not being protective of what we listen to).

Vexation is also linked with territorial spirits of lawlessness because, as I documented in my book, vexation can affect large masses of people. So mobs of rioting and uprisings are often connected to demonic spirits which cause a vexation in others.

Pressure Upon Spiritual Leaders

Vexation in a local church can be applied pressure to a spiritual leader. All too often a pastor is vexed because leaders apply pressure to compromise for the sake of church "growth!" I have witnessed situations where a congregation applies pressure for the pastor/senior leader of a ministsry or church (and this happens in business also!) to make decisions that go against his/her inner witness by the Spirit.

At the same time- and this is most unfortunate- spiritual leaders can be vexing the sheep-applying undue pressure through forms of performance or legalism. If we comply due to intense pressure we can easily become vexed and exhausted with a people-pleasing personality. Take it from an "ex-people pleaser"...the vexation behind this will kill you- literally! Many times vexation is the result of a spiritual leader giving place to a Jezebel spirit. (Please, for more information on this read more in my book The Jezebel Yoke and another book Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord ). The Jezebel spirit's witchcrafts can be a form of vexation!

Past Failures

The enemy will attempt to vex us with our past. How? By reminding us of our past failures. If you recall the wilderness wanderings in the desert, when God brought Israel out of Egypt He broke their yoke of slavery. However, they could not enter into the place of rest due to their previous slavery mentality! The did not trust God- they were still yoked with a fear of Pharaoh and would not trust God who desired to lead them. In the wilderness Israel continued to act like slaves who murmured, complained and rebelled. So we see, dear ones, how easily it is to become vexed if we maintain a slave to our past?

Vexation Over Your Promised Land!

When we determine to break free from Egypt, the enemy will apply even more pressure! Numbers 33:55 (AMP)(ASV) documents God's directives for Israel to inherit their Promised Land. One of the instructions for the Israelites was to "drive out the previous tenants" of their lands. If they did not do so the enemy would rise up and "vex" them! Believer, please keep reading, I'm going somewhere with this.

This was a warning to Israel as to what would happen if they did not fully drive out their enemies. The word used to describe what would happen if Israel compromised and tolerated their enemies are that the enemy would be like pricks in their eyes and thorns in their sides! When you study the word "vex" in this context we identify words such as "to cramp, bind, oppress, (cause) distress."

Dear one, this is not an hour to compromise. God has given us a Promised Land- a rich inheritance. However if we do not possess it with faith and drive the oppressor from our land we will be vexed with pressure, oppression and distress. If our eyes are pricked we will not be able to see and we will lose vision. Not good. If we lose vision we can easily perish! And a thorn in the side could easily be compared to what Apostle Paul experienced! Not much fun either!

Let's remember that God has promised to remove our yokes of captivity. If He has said that we can take our land- and we can!- then let's lock our faith into full possession!

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