He’s Making Me Look Bad

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He’s Making Me Look Bad

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He is being nice and it is making me look 'bad.'

I have a coworker who has the time and money to do nice things for people. He has the time to stop and talk with them. He's not on a clock, so time is not an issue. People like him and think he's a really nice guy. People migrate towards him and smile when they see him.

There's nothing wrong with the other employees, but when the other employees are on the clock, they do not have the amount of money that he does in his pocket, nor do they have the time to talk about the weather or sports… etc. People begin to snub their nose at the other employees. They want to talk to the nice guy.

It would be nice if the people who are coming up to talk to him could understand that other employees don't have the time that this one employee does. They make remarks about how nice that employee is, and the understanding is clear that you're not the nice one. That's especially true when you have to excuse yourself out of a conversation because your boss is waiting for you to get back to your desk, so you become the snob.

I asked the Lord about this. I told him I didn't like looking like the mean person all the time, but... I couldn't begrudge this employee being able to be so kind to others. But it seems to me that I needed to look at it differently than the way I was feeling… Sort of resentful.

The Lord told me that he gives tools to everybody. Some have tools in common, but not everybody has the same exact tools. He told me to lay my tools out on the desk and examine them. See what good they can do and use them to do good. The employee I mentioned above has money, time, and good conversational skills. I have other tools. You have other tools. Don't judge the other employees or even judge ourselves based on the tools that the Lord has given others, but examine ourselves and see that we're using our own tools properly. If people think we act like a snob because we don't have the same tools as that employee, then let the Lord work it out.

We are all a team down here for the short time that we have left before the return of the Lord. Let's keep our eyes off of others and focus on our own assigned tasks. Do a good job so that you can feel good inside. :)
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