Andrew Wommack: Satan is not God’s Whipping Boy

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Andrew Wommack: Satan is not God’s Whipping Boy

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Shared by Andrew Wommack:

God's Messenger Boy?
In 1969, I heard a wrong teaching that Satan was "God's messenger boy."

It said that the devil can only do what the Lord allows, and therefore, God uses him to work good in our lives. That's totally wrong, but I didn't know it at the time. I brought this teaching back to my girlfriend and she bought into it completely. On the tapes I gave her, there was an example of a boy
tude behind your who was too shy to witness to his classmates. He prayed prayer interests and asked God to give him an incurable disease so he
God much more could show his faith in Christ by the way he responded than the actual to death. The next day he came down with leukemia. words you say.
Four people were born again at his funeral.

Although this young man's faith brought some glory to God, this isn't correct praying. My girlfriend prayed the same prayer and was diagnosed with leukemia the next morning. Four people were born again at her funeral. However, God wasn't the one answering these two prayers by
"blessing" them with leukemia. Satan took advantage of wrong praying and killed two young people before their time. Wrong praying gets wrong results!


Now you tell me... as I believe it is true... are our prayers answered? Yes.. I believe they are. Just wow... and how important is it to pray right? I am reading his book: A Better Way to Pray... Personally, I see a lot of my prayers answered, but I want more. (Guess I am on a 'more' kick.. and I plan on staying on it.)
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