Rick Renner: About Prophets

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Rick Renner: About Prophets

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Rick Renner shares about the prophet:

"... true prophet's ministry will at times
include the supernatural ability to foretell events, to hear or see what
the spirit of God is showing him in advance of some event, and if you study the Old Testament and the New Testament, you will find the prophets in the Old Testament and in the New Testament from time to time really
prophetically pointed to future coming of the Messiah.
They foretold such events as Israel
and its various captivities and final restoration to Israel.

They foretold the rise and fall of kings
and kingdoms or Empires.

They foretold invading armies defeated foes and Times of both captivity and freedom.
They foretold economic blessing and also at times economic hardships.
They foretold about weather including rain and drought.
They foretold different ages and different dispensations.
They foretold the very end of the ages and events that still lie before us now ... foretelling things in advance is a part of a prophet's Ministry...

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