Ignorance can bring Confusion

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Ignorance can bring Confusion

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The only redeeming factor in this situation is that I spent a lot of time praying in the spirit. The Holy Spirit knows how to pray for things that we don't know how to pray for. This is one of the benefits that is so nice about praying in the spirit.

It began Monday morning during prayer time when I could sence someone standing behind me. I knew it was an angel, but I had no clue as to why there was an angel standing behind me. After a little bit, the angel was gone. Later that afternoon about 4 o'clock or 5 o'clock, I begin to feel very strange in my emotions. A sadness began to come over me for no reason, but it wasn't overwhelming and it was easy for me to be distracted. After good night sleep, I woke up to an overwhelming sense of despair. My heart was broken, discouraged, and on the edge of breaking down emotionally. While my heart and spirit was torn, my head kept looking at my soul and asking, "what in the world is your problem?"

Oh, the great and wise one that I am, I knew immediately that I was at the call to intercession. Not! I wish it had been that way, but instead I got mad. I told God about every single thing that was wrong in my life. I fussed, paced back and forth, and prayed in the spirit. The more prayed in the spirit, the more intense the emotions came, and the more I fussed.

By the time night cane and bedtime arrived, I was emotionally spent. All I wanted to do was to go to sleep and get out of the pain in my heart. When I awoke in the morning, I was surprised to find the ache still within my heart. By this time I was totally flat lined with confusion as to what in the world my problem was. I spent a couple of hours in prayer and then got busy doing my chores, and soon after I noticed I was back to normal. I was once again my chipper self. This gave me a clearance and I asked the Lord what that was all about. I was considering myself to be very unstable at the time.

It was then that the Holy Spirit reminded me of the messenger that had been sent to me the previous morning. And I was like, "duh!" I felt like I was only an inch tall. I wished at least I could've been stoic in my attitude instead of coming unglued at the seams. But even being stoic would not of been the proper response. I should've caught on quickly and been a pure intercessor. I would have saved the witnesses in heaven and myself a lot agree. Thank you Lord for being so patient with us.

So, intercessors be forewarned. Keep yourself right with God and in a good position with him so that when, all of a sudden something is not right, but your head is telling your heart that everything is good, you'll catch on much quicker than I did and realize that the Lord is giving you the privilege to be an intercessor on behalf of someone who is really hurting inside. Even with this knowledge, intercession like this is not fun. But it is the cup that the Lord has asked us to share with him. And if you're anything like me, when he asked for you to share this cup with him, you bounced up with a great big "hallelujah, yes Lord, I will do it, gladly."
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