What Makes Me Tick

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What Makes Me Tick

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Someone asked me what makes me Tick.

My reply is:

Answered prayer. My prayers consistently revolve around somebody being healed, intervention of someone who’s under spiritual attack, and always asking the Lord for some kind of testimony to be involved with it so that they can know that he’s the one that answered prayer and he loves them.

Years ago I watched on a Benny show where a lady was healed. She started to weep and then she started sobbing and I was crying right along with her… And when Benny asked her how she was and what was going on she expressed her heart of how important it was that Jesus had made himself real to her in a way that it could’ve never been before. You could tell by her eyes that that lady‘s life was changed. It took less than two or three minutes for the Lord to heal her, but the effects were eternal.

Healing is only a door, A tool, and a great comfort of course… For the Lord to get his message across to people that he cares… And they receive this message. There’s a lot more messages that the Lord has to give… But this is the most significant and the one you hear more request for. My desire is to see those prayers answered and the result to be impressive… Impressing upon the heart for all eternity.

What else makes me tick? Being with guide in the morning, all day, at lunch, supper, after supper, being with him before I go to bed, him being with me all night long. I like the good things of God, I like seeing him maneuver behind scenes in a way that nobody knows it unless they’re watching for God. I love seeing God touch people. I love the joy of it. I love the purity of it… With no strings attached just thought of a pure heart because he loves them.

What ticks me off? Hearing God get a bad rap. I don’t like seeing Christians called themselves a Christian and then cuss, exaggerate, and be proud, thinking they’re better than other people, hinder the work of God and people around them because of their own personal agendas. I hate the way that people are moved by the enemy to cause harm, and pain, I hate heartbreaks of any kind but especially when it comes from another Christian who should know God and know better.

Ministry on the Internet… That is my assignment that I received years ago. I have progressed year by year, but this year is different. I will be working off-line also… But for the most part I will lead them to fellowshipping online. The Lord has blessed his body and his children with information online. I do believe that the amount of people that will be saved and into the kingdom will be a burden if the Internet was not used. Pastors cannot keep up with the demand that will be placed on them.

I would like very much to do a church online like Patricia King is doing. I’ve had that as a quiet vision in my heart for years but I didn’t know what it looks like. I will be seeking the Lord on this thing and the power of prayer.

I love it that I was asked this question…
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