Jezebel’s Influence

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Jezebel’s Influence

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One thing about the spirit of jezebel is the powerful supernatural influence it has. It hates the prophet and prophetic. The key factor is supernatural… We’re not talking about normal human interactions. We’re talking about the spiritual realm… the demonic realm…

A strong spirit can be as strong as an angel, and in the Bible, we have examples of when the angel appeared, the people fell down in fear. A strong Jezebel and spirit can cause a person to fall and tremble under the pressure and influence. At one time a while back I was under attack I was under attack of a Jezebel Spirit. I would literally tremble when this person would address me face-to-face. There is no human explanation. And that is the key: You will find yourself asking yourself “how in the world does that person have so much power and influence? “

The next battle I had was with someone who was infected, but was not quite as strong. Still, I literally could lose my voice and could not speak in different situations.

We are overcomers and situations like this will drive you into the Lord Jesus. You become an over comer with him. We find out real quick that we cannot breathe without Jesus.

One of the dangers, (which has been my danger,) is trying to give the person the benefit of the doubt and second guess myself. It is absolutely NOT good to deny that a person has a jezebel spirit. If you deny it you cannot pray for them because you’re praying for something you don’t believe. If you except it and believe that they do have the spirit, you can pray in power for their deliverance. Not only that, you will be much wiser in dealing with the person.

For the record, I do not believe that half the people who say they have encountered the Jezebel Spirit really have. I think many have read about it in a book and superimpose it over a bad situation.

At the same time, I do believe that there are various levels of strength in this Spirit. If the spirit is solidly planted over years… It is going to take a lot of work and a lot of time for healing in full restoration. But sometimes the spirit may have not build up a strong placement and strength, and the controlling factor is more of a nuisance than a full threat.… Unless left unchecked.

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