Sumrall: categories of Demons

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Sumrall: categories of Demons

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I share this because I want you to see that demons can be territorial and people are in agreement with it…

Are there various kinds or categories of demons?
Answered by Lester Sumrall

The Bible teaches us that demons have degrees of strength and authority. Jesus, speaking of epilepsy, said, This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting (Matt. 17:21). Here He was revealing that some demons are so strong that it takes the total surrender of the Christian in dedication and divine union with Christ to rebuke and loosen the evil spirit and to exorcise it from the possessed person.
There are demons who rule over large areas as lords, or leaders, and governors in the evil spirit world. For example, according to Buddhist belief, Pa, the ruling god of Singapore, demands that all his followers come first to his temple to burn incense and to worship him before they can go worship in any other of the many temples of the city. This is common knowledge among the Buddhists of that area.
Another example of demonic lordship is found in Calcutta, India, which is named after the female goddess, Cali. She is the ruling dignitary of the spirit world in that area. She is acknowledged and respected as the supreme ruler of that city.
Of course, a demon is neither male nor female; it is only the manifestation of that evil one who elects to be known as male or female.
In our discussion of the weaknesses or strengths of demon spirits, I find that a deaf spirit is the weakest and the easiest to dislodge and to bring forth from a person. Epilepsy is possibly the strongest to combat or to send forth. There are legions of different kinds of spirits. In my book, Witch Doctor, Mr. Arlindo Barbosa de Oliveira identified spirits and their relative strength as he dealt with them for over forty years as a witch doctor. #spiritualwarfare
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