Demonic assignments against you…

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Demonic assignments against you…

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Jennifer Eviaz said, "More than once it (gift of discernment) also revealed men and women sent on demonic assignments to harm my husband or me."

▪️ can you imagine a demonic assignment being made against you? Can you believe this? That would mean that in the supernatural realm some kind of supernatural essence targets you specifically to do you harm.

It's almost like an visible man is hiding in an invisible world plotting evil against you and will pounce upon you at any given opportunity.

Can something like this be true?
Would we call these invisible characters fallen angels and demons?

Yes… That is what we would call them. And yes… This invisible world exists and without God's protection and direction we could become demon bait.

But remember what Jesus teaches… "Greater is he that is in us then he that is in the world"

Know your authority in Jesus!
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