Frank Hammond: What are Familiar Spirits?

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Frank Hammond: What are Familiar Spirits?

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What is a Familiar Spirit?
Frank Hammond

“Familiar spirit” is the designation of a specific type of evil spirit. It is so classified because of its chief characteristic: namely, familiarity. It is a relationship, a familiarity, with a person or personality.

For example, a woman, whom Paul encountered in Macedonia, had a familiar spirit which gave her powers of divination (Acts 16:16–18). Familiar spirits are common amid the practices of spiritism and witchcraft, but their activity is by no means limited to persons and practices so obviously occult.

Evil spirits are personalities. They can reason, decide, express emotions and communicate. Personalities have the capacity to relate to one another. Two human personalities can form a relationship, and, through communication and communion, that relationship can be enhanced. Likewise, a person can form and develop a close relationship with an evil spirit. When a person forms a relationship with an evil spirit (which can be done either willfully or through ignorance), he then has a familiar spirit.
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