Dodie Osteen

It  means so much to have somebody close to you stand with you in prayer when you are fighting  a  disease. 

John  stood  with  me  and encouraged me. He saw me crying and hurting when nobody else knew it. Some days I didn’t feel like doing anything but cry. He would tell me over and over, “Sweetheart, you’re going to get well. We are going to go all over the world together.  We’re  going  to  do  things  for  Jesus. You’re a good soldier.  Jesus has confidence in you. Our best days are ahead.” He would hold my hand and pray in the Spirit. He would seek 

God,  and God would show him things in the Word, which he would share with me.When my faith seemed to weaken, it would always be lifted by something John would say or by some special way the Lord would speak to my heart. John encouraged me and increased my faith in any and every way He could.

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