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Prophets Will Confront Jezebel

Prophets Will Confront Jezebel

By: Ron Wood

The authority that has been exercised in the prophetic office has been thus far limited. It will now escalate to a new level of authorization by God. The refiners fire has purged, refined, and in some cases, destroyed as unuseable the character of God’s prophetic servants. Prophetic gifts have tantalized and been toyed with, but the office of the prophet is now being elevated by the Lord. Ambassadorial credentials are being bestowed.

That office of the prophet is no longer going to be subject to illegal control. By that, I mean leaders who are interested in building up their own little kingdom or controlling their people rather than be burdened for the welfare of the whole church in the city will no longer be able to merchandise the anointing or exploit their prophetic gifts. The prophetic anointing will no longer be subject to manipulation or intimidation. Awesome increase of fearful accuracy will frighten those who live in sin. Jesus owns the prophets and they are not for sale at any price.

Jeremiah’s anointing was to tear down as well as to build up. In tender mercy, with delicate but unrelenting patience, the Lord will demolish man-made structures and traditions. He will break a few tables and knock a few heads in cleansing His temple. He will hurt us to help us. The good will give way to the best. What Father did not plant will be uprooted. What God did not build will be shaken. The weakness of the present pastoral foundation of the church will become apparent in order that we may begin to cry out for the true foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone. The upside-down church will get righted. Continue reading

Kenneth E Hagin: proof is in the Pudding

Kenneth E Hagin:

It’s all right to advertise your meetings, of course, and let
folks know you’re in town. But if you are called to the office of
the prophet, you don’t have to broadcast it all over town. People
will find out soon enough if you are really called to that office by
the supernatural equipment that operates through you.
Where novices get into trouble is that they go out and tell
everyone they are called to a ministry office when they’ve never
even operated in that office or they are just a beginner in it!
As the old saying goes, “The proof of the pudding is in the
eating.” Are you first and foremost a preacher or a teacher of
the Word? Do your prophecies come to pass? Do they line up
with the Word of God? Are you teachable and easy to be
entreated? Or do you cause strife and problems everywhere you
go and get run off from every church where you preach?
These are the true tests of your ministry. Let your ministry
first be proved. The Bible says, . . let every man prove his own
work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone . . .” (Gal.

Bill Hamon: End Time Prophets

Some Specific Ministries of the End-Time Prophets and Apostles.


As mentioned earlier, they will manifest all the miracles and judgment ministries of Moses and Elijah and the two prophetic witnesses in Revelation chapter.  Ministering by their anointing and the leading of the Holy Spirit, they will pronounce judgments upon the opponents of Christ and His gospel, such as Paul did by proclaiming blindness upon Ely-mas, the sorcerer. They will prophesy great changes in nature and the nations. They will accurately predict earthquakes, tidal waves and other catastrophes of nature. These prophecies given in the time of Jesus Christ will come to pass exactly as predicted. They will cause the fear of Jehovah God to come upon the people, causing whole nations to turn to God.

Bill Hamon

Sparks: A Child Over Nations

Reading: Jeremiah 1

This title has nothing to do with a youth’s conceited idea of his own importance, but the very reverse of any such idea, for it indicates how God selected a weak and insignificant instrument through whom He could bring His own throne to bear upon the nations. The rule committed to Jeremiah was a spiritual one, and God still seeks to influence and govern world events by spiritual means through a praying Church.

Jeremiah has a very real message for us in this connection. We can be helped by all the men of God described in the Scriptures, for they represent spiritual principles which are not limited to any particular time, but are eternal in their significance and abiding in their value. Jeremiah, however, seems to me to have a special application to the time in which we live; and as we study his story we can find how he illustrates a divine instrument which is nothing in itself but has tremendous throne influence on current affairs.

Continue reading

Kris Vallotton: Prophets as Counselors

 Each of us receives from people based on the role that we understand them to play in our lives. For example, someone seeking counsel from a prophet must realize that, unlike a pastor (whose best counsel comes after much listening), a prophet will often give his or her best insight with little or no prior information. A person trying to receive this type of counsel without understanding the gift and role of the prophet may think to themselves, “How can you give me counsel when you don’t even understand my situation?” Therefore, it is important for us to understand the various roles that the members of the Body of Christ play in our lives.

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