Kenneth E Hagin:

It’s all right to advertise your meetings, of course, and let
folks know you’re in town. But if you are called to the office of
the prophet, you don’t have to broadcast it all over town. People
will find out soon enough if you are really called to that office by
the supernatural equipment that operates through you.
Where novices get into trouble is that they go out and tell
everyone they are called to a ministry office when they’ve never
even operated in that office or they are just a beginner in it!
As the old saying goes, “The proof of the pudding is in the
eating.” Are you first and foremost a preacher or a teacher of
the Word? Do your prophecies come to pass? Do they line up
with the Word of God? Are you teachable and easy to be
entreated? Or do you cause strife and problems everywhere you
go and get run off from every church where you preach?
These are the true tests of your ministry. Let your ministry
first be proved. The Bible says, . . let every man prove his own
work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone . . .” (Gal.