Month: April 2018

Sparks: A Child Over Nations

Reading: Jeremiah 1

This title has nothing to do with a youth’s conceited idea of his own importance, but the very reverse of any such idea, for it indicates how God selected a weak and insignificant instrument through whom He could bring His own throne to bear upon the nations. The rule committed to Jeremiah was a spiritual one, and God still seeks to influence and govern world events by spiritual means through a praying Church.

Jeremiah has a very real message for us in this connection. We can be helped by all the men of God described in the Scriptures, for they represent spiritual principles which are not limited to any particular time, but are eternal in their significance and abiding in their value. Jeremiah, however, seems to me to have a special application to the time in which we live; and as we study his story we can find how he illustrates a divine instrument which is nothing in itself but has tremendous throne influence on current affairs.

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Kris Vallotton: Prophets as Counselors

 Each of us receives from people based on the role that we understand them to play in our lives. For example, someone seeking counsel from a prophet must realize that, unlike a pastor (whose best counsel comes after much listening), a prophet will often give his or her best insight with little or no prior information. A person trying to receive this type of counsel without understanding the gift and role of the prophet may think to themselves, “How can you give me counsel when you don’t even understand my situation?” Therefore, it is important for us to understand the various roles that the members of the Body of Christ play in our lives.

Tozer: The Prophet Brings the Message Of God

The true prophet is called to be a voice of God to his generation. His mission is to bring God’s message to God’s people, in such a way that they hear it and obey it. Therefore, he needs to be rooted deeply in the Word of God. What is the purpose and mission of the Word of God? To find us, to locate us—to identify us and our times—and to reveal truth to us. Its purpose is to show what is wrong with us, but also to show what is right with us.

Now, the work of the prophet is to convey God’s Word to God’s people in the proper balance. God never says anything negative to His people but what He also presents the positive side. We are to deal with the negative, but we are to focus on what is right about our walk with God. It does not matter if things are either negative or positive in the world. Out in the world, people are lost, and until they come to faith in Jesus Christ, God has nothing really to say about them. They are headed for judgment to come. In the church, it is a different story. Regardless of how badly a person has backslidden, God always has a way to come back prepared for him or her. Nobody has ever done anything that was a surprise to God. I am sure that it did not shock God when Adam and Eve did what they did in the Garden of Eden. He was not standing in the heavens rubbing His hands together, worrying about what He would do next. God’s plan is always built in eternity and cannot be destroyed by time.

In Acts chapter 5, the Bible shows us the power of the Holy Spirit in the local church when Ananias and Sapphira sold their property and lied about the price they received for it. We all know the story.  And because of this lie, they dropped dead in front of the whole church.  This brought a fear upon the entire church.  But, the apostles went on going about the business of the Kingdom of God and the Lord confirmed His words with miraculous signs and wonders.  And then, in verse 13, it says that no one dared join the apostles, the people did respect them highly.  As a result, ‘more and more people believed….”

For years, I was taught that the age of apostles were over.  Then, as I begin to understand that this was not a truth, it seemed everyone was an apostle, or a prophet.  There were even comments that we are prophets of our own homes.  How does this fit in line with what Jesus said when He gave gifts to the church in the form of the apostles, prophets, teachers, preachers, and evangelists?  Paul asks us in I Cor 12:29, are all apostles? are all prophets?  are all teachers?

So, by looking at these verses and their settings, I see that there are apostles, and just by their following the Lord guidance, great miracles happen, and one of the results upon the people is that there is a form of separation, a fear (or respect) for them.  I do not believe that the apostles set out to create this fear, but it came as a result of their proper ministry before the Lord.
I see this fear, or respect as being a blessing, not a curse.  As it was in ‘days gone by’ when the children respected their parents, there was at the least, a line of authority which on average, presented a better society, but today, with the line of authority dissolving, we witness children who expect to have the world handed to them on a silver platter.  We have children who, instead of running from an adult when confronted for doing mischief, they turn and face the adult and assert comments such as, “and what are you going to do about it?” often leaving the adult frustrated.  This is an attack of the enemy against our social structure, but the enemy is also attacking the Church’s line of authority with the same dissolving line of authority by either denying the roles of the ‘five fold ministry’ or bringing in a whitewash of familiarity that breeds contempt.  Now everyone is an apostle or prophet, or are they?

I believe that in the days to come, we will once again see this line of authority drawn, but not by the hands of men or women, but by the Lord Himself.  I believe we will witness the true command of God that declares, “touch not my anointed.”  There are many who reject the this type of separation of leaders from laymen, and for good reason.  The enemy has bombarded the church with false apostles and prophets (and all five fold offices) who are counterfeits who seek their own gain and ravage the sheep.

Now, add to this pot of soup prepared by the enemy, the true five fold leaders accepting the lie and denying the authenticity of the very office they are called to.  Doesn’t the Bible say that the people rejoice when there is righteous leadership?  And, if the leaders deny their roles?  Don’t the people suffer?

My petition to you is this:  if you are among those called into a place of leadership, a gift that Jesus has given to His Body, will you please accept your calls as they are intended and bless the Body of Christ and allow the Lord to build into you His plans and purposes that are good for everyone?  Good for the Body, which is good for the unsaved, and the good that is for you as you follow His lead in your life.  You know who you are.  You have wrestled with it for a long while.  You’ve asked yourself, ‘who am I?’  But, I sweetly remind you of the fisherman who changed the world, turning it upside down because they were known to be those who ‘walked with Jesus.’  I am not asking you to do anything but yield to the Lord and allow Him to mold you into what He desires for you.  We, the body of Christ, need His righteous leaders, the five fold.

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Yes, I believe!