The prophets under the Old Covenant were known even throughout the heathen nations around Israel, and it was told to their heathen kings that nothing could be hidden from these prophets, even what the kings spoke in their innermost chambers. Before the end comes, this will likewise be said again by the world’s rulers—there is nothing they can say or do that is hidden from God’s prophets. 

There were prophets under the Old Covenant who were very surprised when anything happened that they did not foresee, thinking the Lord had hidden it from them for some reason. Today we are still closer to the place where we tend to be surprised when we do foresee major events, but the time is coming when there will be a prophetic ministry which no person or event could ever sneak up on. The eyes of His body will see with His eyes—everything.

Under the Old Covenant, prophets called down fire from heaven to prove the God they served, consuming those who threatened them (see II Kings 1). Before the end of this age, prophets will again call down fire from heaven to prove the One they serve, but it will be to save the souls of those who threaten them, not to destroy them.

Joyner, Rick (2004-06-01). The Apostolic Ministry (Kindle Locations 565-581). MorningStar Publications, a division of MorningStar Fellowship Church. Kindle Edition.

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