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Leaders Accept Your Calls Please…

In Acts chapter 5, the Bible shows us the power of the Holy Spirit in the local church when Ananias and Sapphira sold their property and lied about the price they received for it. We all know the story. And because of this lie, they dropped dead in front of the whole church. This brought a fear upon the entire church. But, the apostles went on going about the business of the Kingdom of God and the Lord confirmed His words with miraculous signs and wonders. And then, in verse 13, it says that no one dared join the apostles, the people did respect them highly. As a result, ‘more and more people believed….”

For years, I was taught that the age of apostles were over. Then, as I begin to understand that this was not a truth, it seemed everyone was an apostle, or a prophet. There were even comments that we are prophets of our own homes. How does this fit in line with what Jesus said when He gave gifts to the church in the form of the apostles, prophets, teachers, preachers, and evangelists? Paul asks us in I Cor 12:29, are all apostles? are all prophets? are all teachers? Continue reading

Mac Hammond: Because I said so…

What should you do when a customer, kid, or employee disagrees with policies you’ve set in place? One reason they may be disagreeable is because they don’t see how following your rules will benefit their lives. As their leader, you can change their perspective by changing how you approach them about their frustrations. Instead of using the phrase “Because I said so,” stir in them a reason to listen by putting the situation in terms that show them clearly how they will benefit from the situation. Maybe they’ll benefit by being the kind, upstanding citizen you know them to be or the well-behaved child you know is hiding inside. Maybe it will be a reward or an increase in responsibility. When you let them know the rules in a way where the benefits for them are clear, you’ll begin to win in those relationships.


Kenneth Hagin: Pastors Have the say-so

I have been in the ministry for more than half a century and I have observed this. I have never seen a church yet that really had the power of God in operation and did what God called them to do unless the pastor really had the oversight and say-so of the local body. When a deacon board, or a board of elders, or any other kind of board had the say-so and ran the church, I have never seen one yet that functioned correctly, or where the power of God hadn’t waned.

Kenneth Hagin Sr.
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Saul Prophets Will Be Stripped

Today we are hearing and seeing many prophets who are constantly releasing a barrage of personal attacks, statements that are strategically directed at others, declarations from a root of bitterness and motives that are impure. The Bible clearly warns us of these things, but it seems as though many have been able to gain ground in our modern culture, leaving few individuals with the ability to discern what is actually coming from a place of righteousness and holiness. While I prayed, the Lord said something to me that immediately shook the depths of my spirit. He said, “I will reveal the Saul prophets, and they will be stripped.”.      More


Sandie Freed: Attack Against Pastors


The Word of the Lord came to me in a dream over a month ago. In the dream I saw three different attacks against the Body of Christ. One specific attack WILL BE AGAINST THE FIVE-FOLD MINISTRY! This planned assignment will be organized and carried out by a Leviathan stronghold. There were very sharp weapons that the enemy will use against the five- fold ministers! I was only able to see two distinct weapons that were planned against the teacher and the pastor. The sharp instrument used against the teacher was a surgeon’s scalpel. The enemy plans to “cut away” the truths that are revealed through the teaching anointing. He will attempt to pervert the Truth by twisting the Word. The cutting instrument will also be used to separate believers from not only the Truth, but also from the Body. The devil will attempt to isolate us from each other which will cause a disconnecting. Continue reading

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