“A decision for a ministry of excellence is a deep, firm resolution which men cannot alter and circumstances cannot change.

True commitment can be compared to a pilot in a single-engine airplane. If the engine fails in midair, the pilot is committed to landing his craft. He has no choice; his feelings of fear, doubt or inadequacy are of absolutely no consequence whatsoever. He will land his plane one way or another. If he has committed himself to flying he will take control and land the best he can and spare his life as well as the lives of his passengers.

A time will come in your life when you will face commitment. How you handle it now may well determine whether you succeed or fail and even whether you live or die.

If you are not willing to face commitment, in spite of emergencies and opposition, do not pursue the ministry any longer in that condition. Take the time to get before God and study His Word until the Holy Spirit and you deal with your willingness to be committed.

Excerpt From: Copeland, Kenneth. “Six Steps to Excellence in Ministry.” iBooks.
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