As eccentrics, we prophetic people ask questions about life and faith that do not seem to matter to others and, in pondering these questions, we often find ourselves off in a dream world somewhere while the rest of the world passes us by. We look for answers in places others never seem to consider, and we seek the deep meaning of things others seem to accept at face value. We find ourselves incapable of settling for anything that strikes us as shallow. The quest often consumes so much of our awareness that we seem disconnected, even aloof, from other people. Life seems to hold a different set of meanings for us. Because of this lack of common perspective, people sometimes have trouble relating to us as friends and peers, while we, in turn, have trouble relating to them. For instance, when all that matters to me is the spiritual significance of the next natural disaster, it can become difficult to join others in their excitement over last Sunday’s victory for the local professional football team, when in truth I would be healthier and a more balanced human being if I could join others in their excitement. L Sanford