Prophets help lay foundations in churches by prophetically clarifying their vision, giving prophetic direction and order for certain areas of the church, and revealing where they are in their journey of fulfilling God’s progressive purpose for their local church. Prophets can reveal what is going on in the demonic spirit realm concerning demons who have been assigned by the devil to stop and destroy that work of God. Prophets can supernaturally reveal and give clarity and application to what the leadership is sensing, as Prophet Daniel did for the king of Babylon and Joseph did for the Pharaoh of Egypt. I have given such words to hundreds of churches over the last decade.

— Many churches have been saved from splits and destruction when a prophet came in not knowing anything about the pastor or congregation and prophetically revealed what was going on in the spirit realm.

— It especially helps when the prophetic word can confirm that the pastor was not denominationally or self-appointed, but is God’s choice and is in that position and place by divine appointment.