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Kenneth E Hagin

God wants to reveal His glory and power to a lost and hurting world, but He needs a faucet to flow through. In other words, God needs a human vessel. According to Second Timothy 2:20–21, God desires that His people become instruments, or vessels, through which He can fulfill His purposes and plans here on the earth. You and I can become God’s faucets. The power of God can flow through us as we minister to those around us who are lost and hurting.

Rick Joyner: Encounters With God Changes Us

Rick Joyner: An encounter with God Changes Us

The Lord is always with us and will be when even two are gathered together. Even so, there is a great difference between this and the “manifest presence of the Lord.” The life of Moses is a good example of how the manifest presence of the Lord can change us. He was eighty years old, having spent the last forty years of his life in the lowest profession of the times, as a shepherd. He was probably considered by all, including himself, as washed up and finished!

However, one encounter with the manifest presence of the Lord changed this washed up old man into a spiritual giant who delivered a nation.

Kenyon: Legal Rights of a Christian

Kenyon: Legal Rights of the Christian 

On the ground of [Christ’s] victory, the sinner has: 

He has a legal right to accept Jesus Christ as a personal Savior. 

He has a legal right to Eternal Life. 

He has a legal right to Victory over sin and Satan. 

He has a legal right to a home in Heaven. 

He has a legal right to use the Name of Jesus in prayer. 

He has a legal right to his Father’s 

protection and care. 

He has a legal right to a son’s place in the Family of God. 

He has a legal right to the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, to the care and protection of the Spirit, and to the intercession and teaching of the Spirit. 

He has a legal right to be translated at the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus. 

He has a legal right to immortality for the body. 

He has a legal right to an inheritance in the New Heavens and New Earth. 

He has a legal right to live with his Father throughout Eternity. 

T A Sparks: Does God strategize?

Does God strategize?

“The movement of God was like this. Here are nations and peoples spreading all over the earth. Out from those nations God takes one solitary individual, Abram, and places him, so to speak, right at the centre of the nations. That is the spiritual geography of it. And then God raises from that man a seed, and constitutes his
seed a nation right in the midst of the nations; distinct from the nations, perfectly distinct, but in the midst.

Then God constitutes that nation on heavenly principles – a corporate body constituted on heavenly, Divine, spiritual principles, with God Himself in the midst – with the result that all the other nations gather round to look on.”
T. A. Sparks



If God can work on this big of a level, are our individual life too much for Him?



══ღೋƸ̵̡I Hang With The Best! Jesus Is LordƷღೋ══

Kenneth Hagin:. Attitude of Faith

When howling air raid sirens signaled another bombing raid
in London during World War II, everyone ran to the nearest air
raid shelter. Everyone, that is, except a certain elderly woman.
The people in her neighborhood were busy during the
daytime cleaning up the debris and trying to repair the damage
inflicted by the bombs. At night they huddled for protection in
the air raid shelters.

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