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.♥ Jesus is Love ❤️

Most people, and far too many Christians, believe they can do as they please and still expect God to take care of them. This is a great deception. 

Dutch Sheets


.♥ Jesus Is Lord ♥

Rick Joyner: Prospering and Building for them…

As we begin to experience the increasing distinction between the people of God and those who are not His, this is going to be harder than we may think. To be building and prospering while others have their world collapsing, losing everything they have, will not be easy. It will be a cross to bear, but it must be done. All of man’s idols, what he has put his trust in instead of God, will be destroyed. Only that which has been built on the rock of hearing the Lord’s words and obeying them will stand. However, we are seeking to build on the rock not just for ourselves, but to be able to help pull others out of the quicksand. The Lord said that “the end of the age is the harvest” (see Matthew 13:39), because more will be coming to Him in these times than in all of man’s previous history combined. When we build our lives on the rock, the stronger the construction, the more people will be able to save from what is to come. Every faithful life is a rock that will soon stand increasingly tall in this sinking world.

Rick Joyner:

Those who are destined to be great in the kingdom may now be low. Those who make their commitment in someone when they are low can be trusted when the exaltation comes. That is why King David’s mighty men, the administrators in his kingdom and his friends for life, were those who gathered to him when he was fleeing from Saul, living in caves, and looking like one with no hope for a future.

Maxwell: Get Started

John Maxwell

Most of the accomplishments I’ve achieved in life I began to attempt before I was

really ready. When I was teaching pastors leadership in 1984 and they asked for

ongoing teaching, I wasn’t ready to give it to them. But during a conference with

thirty-four people in Jackson, Mississippi, I decided to pass around a legal pad and get

the contact information for anyone who wanted to receive a monthly leadership tape.

All thirty-four signed up. Was I ready to start a monthly leadership subscription

series? No. Did I start it anyway? Yes. When I needed to raise money to relocate my

church, did I know how to do it? No. Did I start to do it anyway? Yes. When I

founded EQUIP to teach leadership to people in countries around the world, did I

have a proven strategy to get it done? No. Did we get started anyway? Yes. Nobody

ever got ready by waiting. You only get ready by starting.

Psalms 37:28-29

For the Lord loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones.

Wrongdoers will be completely destroyed; the offspring of the wicked will perish.

The righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it forever.

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