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T.L. Osborn: Healing: Disease Takes A Toll

The only reason disease takes such a toll among Christians today is that many do not believe what God has spoken. They know that God said, “I am the Lord who heals you.”  Somehow they have failed to believe that He meant what He said, which is basically what Satan said to Adam and Eve: God did not mean what he said. Influenced by tradition (Mark 7:13), people have changed God’s “I am” to “I was.” T . L. Osborn 


God sent his word and (it) healed them (Ps. 107:20). The gospel is the power of God to everyone that believes (Rom. 1:16). When believed and acted upon, any promise of God is transformed into the power of God. Every promise of God contains the power of God necessary to produce what it promises, when it is believed and acted upon. God’s promises are life to those that find them, and health to all their flesh (Prov. 4:22).

It was when these facts became real to us that we decided to put into print this volume of messages and offer them to the millions of sufferers to whom we may never minister in person.


Healing: Exodus 15.26

Exodus 15:26

and said, “If you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the Lord who heals you.”

15:26 heals, rapha’ (rah-phah); Strong’s #7495: To cure, heal, repair, mend, restore health. Its participial form rophe’, “one who heals,” is the Hebrew word for doctor. The main idea of the verb rapha’ is physical healing. Some have tried to explain away the biblical teaching of divine healing, but all can see that this verse speaks of physical diseases and their divine cure. The first mention of rapha’ in the Bible ( Gen. 20:17 ) refers unquestionably to the cure of a physical condition, as do references to healing from leprosy and boils ( Lev. 13:18 ; 14:3 ). Scripture affirms, “I am Yahweh your Physician.”

Hagin: Give God As Much Time as…

Kenneth Hagin

I often tell people, “If you will give me the same opportunity
you would a doctor, I will get you healed, and it won’t cost you a
People go to the doctor, and if he says, “Come back next
Tuesday,” they go back next Tuesday. If he says, “Come again
Friday,” they return on Friday. This may go on for months.
However, if I tell them, “Come back,” they get angry. They
say, “Well, I’m not going back anymore. I thought surely he
would pray for me!” But they may not be ready yet.
Often a doctor will tell a patient. “I am going to put you in
the hospital for several days to build you up before your
operation.” But if I tell them, “I want you to stay in the services
for several days to get your faith built up to receive healing,”
they get angry. If they will stay under the sound of the Word of
God, it will have an effect on them. Then the Spirit of God will
show me what to do and how best to help them.

Derek Prince Shares His Own Healing

Derek Prince shares his own healing.

That was a very crucial point in my life in
many ways. When I made that decision,
the Lord Himself spoke to me. Not
audibly, but nevertheless very clearly, I
heard Him say, “When the doctor gives a
person medicine, the directions for taking
it are on the bottle.” Then He instructed,
“This is My medicine I’m giving you. The
directions are on the bottle. You better
study them.”
God reminded me that a doctor doesn’t
promise any benefit from the medicine he
recommends unless it is taken according
to the directions. Being a medical orderly,
I was very aware of that.

I then decided to study the directions
on the bottle. Very quickly I saw that
there were four specific instructions for
taking God’s Word as medicine for the
physical body. These are His directions:

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