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Rick Joyner: Prospering and Building for them…

As we begin to experience the increasing distinction between the people of God and those who are not His, this is going to be harder than we may think. To be building and prospering while others have their world collapsing, losing everything they have, will not be easy. It will be a cross to bear, but it must be done. All of man’s idols, what he has put his trust in instead of God, will be destroyed. Only that which has been built on the rock of hearing the Lord’s words and obeying them will stand. However, we are seeking to build on the rock not just for ourselves, but to be able to help pull others out of the quicksand. The Lord said that “the end of the age is the harvest” (see Matthew 13:39), because more will be coming to Him in these times than in all of man’s previous history combined. When we build our lives on the rock, the stronger the construction, the more people will be able to save from what is to come. Every faithful life is a rock that will soon stand increasingly tall in this sinking world.

Rick Joyner:

Those who are destined to be great in the kingdom may now be low. Those who make their commitment in someone when they are low can be trusted when the exaltation comes. That is why King David’s mighty men, the administrators in his kingdom and his friends for life, were those who gathered to him when he was fleeing from Saul, living in caves, and looking like one with no hope for a future.

I Kings Intercession Example

1 Kings 18:41,43-46 NKJV
[41] Then Elijah said to Ahab, “Go up, eat and drink; for there is the sound of abundance of rain.”
[–> There is a sound of rain…
From where?  There is no rain in sight
The prophet heard ‘in the spirit’s]

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MacMillian: Speak to the Mountains

~~ God delights to delegate His power to men, when He can find believing and obedient servants to accept and exercise it. So, when mountains rise in their way, the Lord commands His disciples to speak unto them and bid them depart into the sea. He gives no instruction to pray, although that is understood. There is essentially the same charge as was given to Moses: “You have asked Me to work; I have granted your request, but I choose to do the work through you; speak to the obstacle before you in my name, and it will obey.” As we obediently speak to the mountain before us, there may seem to be no immediate response. But, as day by day, we maintain the attitude of authority, knowing that we are commissioned to use the name of our Lord, there will come a trembling, and a shaking, and a removing, and the mountain will slide from its base, and disappear into the sea of forgetfulness.

MacMillian: The Removal of Mountains

~~ The Removal of Mountains

Serious obstacles often confront the servant of the Lord in his ministry for the bringing in of the kingdom. They seem as deep-rooted as the everlasting hills, and as imposing in their bulk. They block the way to accomplishment of desired ends. They shut out the vision ahead. They balk the disheartened worker with their grim assurance of immobility. They seem to laugh at -his discomfiture and to mock his prayers. And, as the months and the years pass, anti no change is seen in their contour, he comes often to accept them as a necessary evil, and to modify his plans accordingly. Such mountains of difficulty loom up on every foreign field; each home district has its range with impassable serrated peaks towering ahead; few pastorates lack at least a “little hill.” They are too varied in their nature to particularize, but they are genuine and heart-breaking hindrances.

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