Picture and onion that you buy at your local grocery store. A common yellow onion will do.  The first thing you do when  you use it  is chop the root and sprout system off (too and bottom)  and then begin to peel the onion skin off layer by layer. 

Picture this as your life. 

When we are born again, we are like the onions. The Lord takes us in his hand and chops the top and the bottom off  (all external sources) and then begins to peel the onion layer by layer.  

Each layer represents a different element in our life that needs to be healed, disinfected, or just removed. Removing the top and bottom cleanses us  from our resources, (he is our source) and the ability to sprout. We don’t want to sprout from an old onion. We don’t want to spread out and make ‘like kind.’  We want to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. 

So the Lord peels off a layer, And then another, until he gets down to where there is nothing left but the core. By this time we are feeling really necked and exposed. Then, the Lord takes his knife and carefully cuts the heart right in half and lays the halves flat. 

Christian, let me tell you, that onion is undone. But the Lord is not going to  leave it that way. 

Now, If you look real closely down that onion, you’ll see a little sparkle, just about the size of a single piece of glitter. Watch now.  Slowly that glitter begins to shine and get brighter and there’s more glitter there than was before. The Lord closes the heart of the union around the glitter and seals it. Then the heart of the union begins to glow from all that glitter inside of it and begins to expand.  Then the Lord places a new skin around that heart, and then another and another. Soon you have a whole onion again, and it is glowing.  It is glowing with the glory of the Lord that he has placed in it. Because of the bright light,  you can barely see the

outline of an onion. 

Oh marvelous are his works with and within us.  

To Him be all Glory. 

Ps… we don’t smell anymore either.