If you know God well enough, He does not give the anointing that easily. He chooses you and tests you before He gives the anointing to
come on your life. The anointing is precious. A lot of people cry out for the anointing but fail God’s tests so it never comes on their
lives. Many people ask God to anoint them to prosper but they have never proven themselves in every test in their lives and hence block
God’s blessings in their lives. Many people desire to do great exploits and miracles in God but they never pass the tests. Hence, the
anointing never comes on their lives. Even though God may have a call on your life, the anointing does not come until you pass the test.

In other words, the anointing is not automatically given to anyone. The
anointing is not something automatic.

Some say, “If God has designed that I will be an evangelist, when the time comes that I should be an evangelist, I will be an evangelist.
The evangelistic anointing will drop on me in whatever I do and wherever I am.” I am sorry to say this – it will not happen. People
called to be evangelists have lived and died without moving into that office. The anointing to operate in an office or ministry is not
automatic. You may be called, chosen, and predestined to function in certain offices and ministries but the anointing is not automatic. Too many people are looking for automatic anointing. There is no such thing. There is a price to pay in order to get the anointing. Even
when God has chosen and predestined you, the anointing is so precious that you must be tested before it comes on your life. Therefore, to
make ourselves available is only half the story. When we avail ourselves, God tests us until we are ready. O glorious day when that anointing comes.

The anointing that God desires to put on us is such a precious commodity that God expects consecration from His vessel before He puts
it upon them. Aaron was told that the anointing he received was so holy that he could not leave the tabernacle for seven days or he will
die (Lev. 8:33-35). When a sad event happened in his family, he was not even allowed to cry! (Lev. 10:6) The anointing is holy! [Ps Peter

~ ~ I Believe! ~ ~