When howling air raid sirens signaled another bombing raid
in London during World War II, everyone ran to the nearest air
raid shelter. Everyone, that is, except a certain elderly woman.
The people in her neighborhood were busy during the
daytime cleaning up the debris and trying to repair the damage
inflicted by the bombs. At night they huddled for protection in
the air raid shelters.

After several nights, someone commented that this elderly
woman was missing. Some speculated that she had been injured
and was in the hospital. Other neighbors wondered if she had
been killed. Still others thought she had gone away to the
country to escape the bombs.

A few days later, one of her neighbors met her on the street
during the daytime and said, “Well, we certainly are glad to see
you back and to know that you are all right.”
“Oh, I haven’t been anywhere,” she said.
“But you haven’t joined us in the air raid shelter every night.
Where have you been?” he asked.
“I was at home sleeping,” was her calm reply.
“Sleeping?” he asked, astonished. “How could you sleep
through all this? Aren’t you frightened?”
“No,” she replied. “When I was reading my Bible the other
day, I found where it says that God neither slumbers nor sleeps
(Ps. 121:4), so I decided there was no need for both of us to stay