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Abundant Living

Month: March 2018

The Anointing is Not Easy

If you know God well enough, He does not give the anointing that easily. He chooses you and tests you before He gives the anointing to
come on your life. The anointing is precious. A lot of people cry out for the anointing but fail God’s tests so it never comes on their
lives. Many people ask God to anoint them to prosper but they have never proven themselves in every test in their lives and hence block
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Copeland: Confession for a car…

Do you need a car? God’s will is for you to prosper, to live in THE BLESSING, and to enjoy the things you need and desire in your life. Today, make the decision to take that car by faith. Say, “Thank You, Lord for my car. Lord, I see myself in that car! Thank You, God. I believe I’ve received it and I have it. I take it by faith today.”

Kenneth Hagin:. Attitude of Faith

When howling air raid sirens signaled another bombing raid
in London during World War II, everyone ran to the nearest air
raid shelter. Everyone, that is, except a certain elderly woman.
The people in her neighborhood were busy during the
daytime cleaning up the debris and trying to repair the damage
inflicted by the bombs. At night they huddled for protection in
the air raid shelters.

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Hagin: Give God As Much Time as…

Kenneth Hagin

I often tell people, “If you will give me the same opportunity
you would a doctor, I will get you healed, and it won’t cost you a
People go to the doctor, and if he says, “Come back next
Tuesday,” they go back next Tuesday. If he says, “Come again
Friday,” they return on Friday. This may go on for months.
However, if I tell them, “Come back,” they get angry. They
say, “Well, I’m not going back anymore. I thought surely he
would pray for me!” But they may not be ready yet.
Often a doctor will tell a patient. “I am going to put you in
the hospital for several days to build you up before your
operation.” But if I tell them, “I want you to stay in the services
for several days to get your faith built up to receive healing,”
they get angry. If they will stay under the sound of the Word of
God, it will have an effect on them. Then the Spirit of God will
show me what to do and how best to help them.