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Derek Prince Shares His Own Healing

Derek Prince shares his own healing.

That was a very crucial point in my life in
many ways. When I made that decision,
the Lord Himself spoke to me. Not
audibly, but nevertheless very clearly, I
heard Him say, “When the doctor gives a
person medicine, the directions for taking
it are on the bottle.” Then He instructed,
“This is My medicine I’m giving you. The
directions are on the bottle. You better
study them.”
God reminded me that a doctor doesn’t
promise any benefit from the medicine he
recommends unless it is taken according
to the directions. Being a medical orderly,
I was very aware of that.

I then decided to study the directions
on the bottle. Very quickly I saw that
there were four specific instructions for
taking God’s Word as medicine for the
physical body. These are His directions:

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The Small Still Voice (author unknown)

Still Small Voice

There is, for the heart that will cease from itself, “the peace of God that
passeth all understanding,shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ
Jesus”(Phil4:7). A quietness and confidence, which nothing can come against.
There is, in the deepest center of the believer’s soul a chamber of peace
where God dwells, and where, if we will only enter in and hush every other
sound, we can hear His “still voice.”

During a period of turmoil in my life I desired to have “true peace.” My
every thought centered on the belief that God was waiting in the depths of
my being to talk to me if I would only get still enough to hear His voice.

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Tongues: Our Native Language

When we are born again, we are translated from the kingdom of darkness and the devil into the kingdom of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are made new creations. We are born again. Our citizenship is transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light. Our home is heaven.

Our new spirits live in these bodies here on earth and are needed to sustain our existence here. We must have these earth suits in order to function on the earth.

Our souls, (mind, will, and emotions,) must be renewed and plumbed to our homeland. The word of God, Bible, is our instruction manual as we renew the mind, will, and emotions.

There is also a language of heaven. This language is commonly called ‘speaking in tongues.’ The value of speaking in tongues is vastly underestimated, and this is very sad because speaking in tongues is our native language.

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Mac Hammond: Wisdom for the Workplace

Written by Mac Hammond

I believe God’s people should be the most influential and successful in every setting in which they find themselves. That was certainly true of Daniel in the court of Babylon. He was working in a pagan system surrounded by ungodly people, yet he prospered and was promoted to the highest offices in the land.

The Bible contains many principles that will help you become a Daniel where you work. The following are five of these vital keys to prospering on the job. Continue reading

The Anointing is Holy



Almost everyone and everything is anointed these days. Pray over a clothe and viola… its anointed. Pray over an oil and viola, it’s anointed too. Now, before I go any further, I do believe these things can be truly anointed by God, but it will be by God through concrecrated hands. It’s just like praying for the sick, lay hands on them and they’ll be healed.

I concerned we HEAR  about these things more than we SEE them happen. I believe the Lord desires our “anointing” be true and bear much Continue reading

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