You understand more now…

There you are, in the multitude of people in agony, both spiritually and physically. You and the people … your eyes gaze across the crowd and your heart is so moved by compassion that you think you are going to die under the weight of it all.

Some are sneering at you, asking who you think you are, and others are weeping because they hurt. Some get in your face and blame you for the trouble they are having and ask you to leave, demand you leave. While others point out your every flaw they see or can invent.

But you remain stable, fixed, even as the world around you spins, why? Because the Captain of the Army has trained you well and taught you how to stand in the face of chaos and fear.

And how did He do that? He used the circumstances around you everyday to mold, temper, and exercise you. Like a person who learns to walk around in a small rowboat without capsizing it, you have learned to recognize when your spiritual gyroscope begins to tilt and take action immediately.