It’s like, oh my goodness, where do I start?


I’ve been delivered from the kingdom of darkness, taken from there and placed Into a Kingdom of light, the Kingdom of God … Now what?

First, you are going to start with prayer. “Prayer” is a religious word for talking to God, your Father in Heaven. So you begin by sitting down and talking to Him. Ask Him to help you understand Him and this new Kingdom you’ve entered, at the same time, while you are talking with Him, ask Him to open your eyes to understanding the Bible. The bible is your best friend from now on. If you don’t have one. get one! Pick one that is easy for you to read. Personally, I enjoy the Amplified Bible because it breaks down some of those ‘hard to understand’ verses. Anyway, ask the Lord to guide you to the right one for you new this season.

While your talking to Him, make sure you pause and get still for a few minutes because talking to Him is a conversation. It is a two way conversation. Conversing with Him is one of the most beautiful experiences a Christian can have, It’s one of the things that helps us through those times when we want to doubt or think we are crazy. Crazy? Yes! We are no longer a part of this world, and our citizenship is In heaven. This makes us a peculiar people. You have a new life and new future ahead of you.

I will be posting articles here on this page to help you learn and understand who you are as a new citizen of the Kingdom of God. I promise you, if you will commit yourself fully into His hands, and trust Him with your life.. your life will never be boring.

══ღೋƸ̵̡I Hang With The Best! Jesus Is LordƷღೋ══