Derek Prince shares his own healing.

That was a very crucial point in my life in
many ways. When I made that decision,
the Lord Himself spoke to me. Not
audibly, but nevertheless very clearly, I
heard Him say, “When the doctor gives a
person medicine, the directions for taking
it are on the bottle.” Then He instructed,
“This is My medicine I’m giving you. The
directions are on the bottle. You better
study them.”
God reminded me that a doctor doesn’t
promise any benefit from the medicine he
recommends unless it is taken according
to the directions. Being a medical orderly,
I was very aware of that.

I then decided to study the directions
on the bottle. Very quickly I saw that
there were four specific instructions for
taking God’s Word as medicine for the
physical body. These are His directions:

1. Attend to My words.

2. Incline thine ear unto My sayings.

3. Let them not depart from thine eyes.

4. Keep them in the midst of thine

I realized that if I were going to
receive the benefits I needed from the
medicine, I had to comply with these four
I cannot go in detail into all that
followed, but I began to bow my head over
the Bible three times every day after
meals, because that is how people
normally take medicine. I said, “God, You
have said that these words of Yours will
be medicine to all my flesh, and I’m
taking them as my medicine now, in the
name of Jesus.” Within a few months,
God’s medicine, taken that way, achieved
the result God promised. I was totally
healthy in every area of my body.

A good many years ago, I recorded this
experience on a tape. Just recently in
London, England, I met a young man
from Pakistan who told me that he’d
become a Christian and that he had
suffered for more than twenty years from
eczema. One day he heard my tape and
decided to do what I had done. In his
case, he was completely healed within
two or three days. So that is an up-to-date
testimony that the medicine still does
what it claims to do.