When we are born again, we are translated from the kingdom of darkness and the devil into the kingdom of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are made new creations. We are born again. Our citizenship is transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light. Our home is heaven.

Our new spirits live in these bodies here on earth and are needed to sustain our existence here. We must have these earth suits in order to function on the earth.

Our souls, (mind, will, and emotions,) must be renewed and plumbed to our homeland. The word of God, Bible, is our instruction manual as we renew the mind, will, and emotions.

There is also a language of heaven. This language is commonly called ‘speaking in tongues.’ The value of speaking in tongues is vastly underestimated, and this is very sad because speaking in tongues is our native language.

The Lord gave me a simple understanding of our native language in a foreign land (earth). I hope I can share this understanding with you so that it can enrich your communication with our heavenly father in heaven.

I have a wonderful transliteration Bible. As I read it, I read where ‘Jesus says’ is transliterated into ‘Jesus worded.’ Personally, I like this. Words are like capsules containing an ingredient we need in order to communicate.

Jesus said that He spoke and did as He saw the Father doing. Jesus never said anything that He did not get from home, and we know that the words He spoke contain spirit and life.

So if we simplified this understanding, it might look something like this: Jesus would go somewhere alone and pray. He would hear from heaven and then speak what he received from heaven to the people on earth. Remember he described himself in a parable as a king from a foreign land.

Now, let me give you a scenario. Suppose you go to a foreign land that speaks a foreign language you do not understand nor speak. You get off the airplane and walk out the front door. As you stand there, you are aware that you need a place to live, source of food, and transportation to get there. So as you were standing in front of the airport doors looking around, you begin to inquire of those around you where you can get a taxi. The problem is that you do not know the word for taxi, and they do not understand English. They give you funny looks as they pass you on the sidewalk. At this point, there are usually two reactions to being ignored. One either jumps up and down and throws a fit, or they shut up and stay quiet. Neither one of these reactions will get you anywhere. You must learn the language and be able to call out for a taxi to take you to a motel, and to a restaurant where you can eat. Do you understand the scenario?

Christianity on earth today is much like this example. We take our English language into our homeland and start making requests in English. We might pick up enough of the colloquialism of heaven in order to obtain a taxi for transportation, but where do we tell the taxi to take us? When we pray in our earthly language, English, we are speaking in a very limited way. We are not speaking their native language of heaven.

We have it backwards. We throw up a few English words and expect all the details to be revealed. But if we would speak the native language of heaven and seek the Lord for interpretation of it, and then follow the example that Jesus gave us by ‘wording’ what we have received from our native language, the details in our life would be much more understood.

So look at it like this. When I pray, I am going to pray in tongue‘s, speaking my native language, and then receive the information I am praying about through the gift of interpretation given to us by the Holy Spirit. Once I understand what is being said about the situation, I will then word it into the earthly language like English, Spanish, or one of the many others.

Again, remember that Jesus said his words are spirit and life. We know that his word spoken through us go forth and avail much and do not return void.

With this understanding, I am going to be speaking my native language much more than I am speaking a temporary and earthly language. And then I am going to wrap my heavenly spirit filled and anointed words into a picture (or Capsule) that can be given and shared for anybody who is willing to listen

(I am using the word capsule because of the Bible verse that says that the word of God is medicine for the body for healing. So if you take your medicine daily, you are taking consuming the word of God that originated in our homeland. But that is a different post. LOL)