Almost everyone and everything is anointed these days. Pray over a clothe and viola… its anointed. Pray over an oil and viola, it’s anointed too. Now, before I go any further, I do believe these things can be truly anointed by God, but it will be by God through concrecrated hands. It’s just like praying for the sick, lay hands on them and they’ll be healed.

I concerned we HEAR  about these things more than we SEE them happen. I believe the Lord desires our “anointing” be true and bear much fruit, but I also believe we have areas in our lives that prevent the fullness of His power upon us.

Through my own personal bible study today of Leviticus chapter 10:6, I realized I was mourning for people rather than honoring God by celebrating His justice. I have participated in too much human compassion. Each person must judge their own life for any shortcomings. These areas in our lives can be pointed out by the Holy Spirit, and we can rest assured, He is a gentle surgeon.

Still, consider the effect that the power of God can have upon us. Think about Il Kings 13:21. Imagine that. Just touching a dead man’s bones. The thing is that … Elisha’s bones were still anointed after Elisha was long gone.

So, Consider the tangible power of God on Paul’s clothes. This is real and should be the same with all of His children.

We’ve got to sit down and seriously consider this Holy thing when we talk about the anointing.

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