I was asked about the anointing within and how I can tell when the Holy Spirit’s anointing is present.

Honestly, this is a really good question because even though it’s talked about a lot, but there are many that don’t understand it in a practical way. I had to write the Brownsville revival an email asking them to explain to me about the tangible presence of God, i.e.… The anointing. That has been years ago now and about the only thing I remember was that the email gave me a little bit of information but nothing like I needed. So, I want to answer your question in a way that you can understand it and apply it in your life.

I began seeking an understanding of the anointing of the Holy Spirit by listening to numerous teachers and preachers. In the front of one of my paperback books written by Kathryn Kuhlman, I made a list from the testimonies I read about when they encountered the Holy Spirit. Their testimonies shared things like a cool breeze, a heavy weight on the shoulder, a deep warmth inside, a fuzzy, foggy like feeling, tingling hands, waves of his presence, invisible fog but very obvious, and more … but I don’t have the book anymore. (I should never give my books away LOL.)

There are so many various ways and descriptions of sensing the presence of the Holy Spirit, but please remember, everybody is different and everybody experiences his presence a little bit different than the person next to them. Also remember please, that not everybody senses his presence.

Let me state this: If you are seeking the Lord with an honest heart in this matter, he will answer you. Submit yourself to the Lord first. With this submission comes a stepping out in faith on your part, but as you ask the Lord to help you understand, make the decision to trust him. It says in the Bible that he will not give us a scorpion! It is his good pleasure to give us his Holy Spirit.