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Abundant Living

Month: January 2018

About the Anointing

I was asked about the anointing within and how I can tell when the Holy Spirit’s anointing is present.

Honestly, this is a really good question because even though it’s talked about a lot, but there are many that don’t understand it in a practical way. I had to write the Brownsville revival an email asking them to explain to me about the tangible presence of God, i.e.… The anointing. That has been years ago now and about the only thing I remember was Continue reading

Hagin: Count the Cost

Kenneth Hagin says: You can’t edify the people unless you’ve been edified yourself. But once you’ve been built up spiritually, you can then help others.

Too many times folks want to experience the success of people like Wigglesworth, but they don’t want to pay the price these great men and women of God paid. Continue reading