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Kenyon: We cast Out…

We shall cast out demons: (this means Authority over demons in their relation to men;) cast them out of peoples’ bodies; break their power over those bodies, minds, and spirits; break their power over meetings, homes, and sometimes communities. 

Our combat is not against flesh and blood but against the principalities, and powers in heavenly places; or in other words our war is against demons of all ranks, kinds, and authorities. They are attacking the human everywhere, and especially the children of God. 

Fool’s Names ….

Fools names and fool’s faces are always found In public places.

Have you experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed when you enter public places? Have
you ever recoiled at the thought of leaving your prayer closet and returning
back to the world’s activities? Have you finished a number of days exhausted
and feeling your faith has been flat lined? Well, let me tell us, (that
means me included), we’ve been listening to the enemy telling us how weak the
Lord is in us when we enter the world. There is a loud voice
around us telling us we will be too tired at the end of the day, or
that our effect on the world around is minimal and even sometimes of no affect at all.

Do we really understand the power of God that resides within us? I am thinking
of Elisha’s bones. Remember these guys who were going to bury their friend when
suddenly an enemy popped up, so they threw their dead friend into Elisha’s grave.
Do you remember what happened? Their friend touched Elisha’s bones and came
back to life. The same power of God is in us today. Do you really believe that we are the ones who are overcome by the many evil spirits that constantly seek to make our lives misarable? No. We need to take a deep breath and calmly change our mindsets.

The reason it can be so difficult sometimes is because the enemy usually rant and raves, or is at least very vocal in some way, as if it’s master told it to go and make a scene. That is why I say, ‘a fool’s name and face is alway found In public places…!
Whereas, deep inside of us is the quiet and and often un-noticed power of God so strong that in a dried up man’s bones – the dead are raised.

T A Sparks: Does the enemy strategize?

Yes, the enemy does, but we will not give in  we will be wise to his plans.

Does the enemy strategize?

T A Sparks

Look at your New Testament.  It was said, “Their sound went out into all the earth” (Romans 10:18). It was said that the whole world was touched. But the world has grown a good deal since then.
What happened at that time? The Lord planted nuclei, corporate representations of His Church, first in one nation and then in another, and by their presence the fight broke out.
The one thing that Satan was bent upon was to eject that which inoculated his kingdom with the sovereignty of the Lord; to get it out, break it up, disintegrate it, somehow to nullify it;

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T A Sparks… Don’t Quit

Are you fighting a lonely battle? You need co-operation, you need corporate help to fight that battle through and to hold your ground. Mark you, the enemy will drive you out if he can. Preach if you can; but if you cannot, that does not mean that you are to quit.

Until the Lord says, ‘I can do no more here,’ you have to hold on. Do we not know the terrific efforts of
the enemy to drive us out? Many of you have gone far enough to know what that means. If he could put you
out, he would.

Something Wicked This Way Is Coming

Rev Kev


Something wicked this way is coming. The time is now for the believer to awaken from their slumber and laziness and awaken to the Words of Jesus in particular. Stop glossing over chapters like Matthew 24 and begin to read with clarity and understanding through only the way the Holy Spirit can enlighten us. This is truly the time for “those who have ears to hear”. A time is coming where many will have their faith shaken to the core. The world will soon witness things they are not prepared for and will fall dead in fear. These are not mere weapons of men, but an unleashing of demonic forces so powerful and unprecedented that only the strongest disciples of Jesus Christ will prevail against them. Heed the admonition of Jesus particularly Matthew 24:37 (AMP) – “As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.”
Know well the truth of what was unleashed on earth by hell during the “days of Noah”. It’s coming this way again and it will rattle the senses of mankind to the point of fear, insanity, and death. It is nearer than we think.
There are great lies and distortions of truth being spun upon the human race and only those who have an intimate relationship with Jesus will not be deceived.
Many so called “believers” will be the most shocked, as they will be woefully unprepared because of their preoccupations and dalliances. Look to Jesus, He is the Beginning as well as the End. This means everything.

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!
… to guide our feet in the way of peace.

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