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John MacMillan: Aggressive

—>. In one of the cities of Canada, the pastor of an Alliance Branch said to the writer: “There are about four different troubles going on all the time among my people. As soon as I get one straightened out, the devil has another ready to take its place.” Answer was made: “Brother, you are right in your diagnosis of the source of your troubles, but you are wrong in your method of meeting them. What you are looking at are the coils of the old serpent through your congregation, and, as you straighten out one kink, you may be sure that another will appear. Leave the coils alone, and go for the head; put your foot on that in the authority of the Lord ; recognize the active agency of the enemy and conquer him; the coils will straighten out of themselves if he is dealt with.” The same advice will apply in many other places. Let us learn the secret of victory through authority, as well as through prayer, and our churches will come into the place of strength, and be able to take the AGGRESSIVE against the enemy.

The Few … The Chosen

The Few.. The Chosen

The reports we hear that a minority of the population are changing the social face of our country are valid spiritual principles if you consider Abraham using only 318 warriors to rescue Lot when he was taken captive by four kings.

If we see ‘The Blessing’ at work by pulling on supernatural help
onto Abraham and his warriors, why can’t we see the enemy putting a supernatural ‘curse’ on these few being used to corrupt our moral fabrics? Didn’t Moses face supernatural powers when he faced Pharaoh? We can see the same spiritual warfare going on right now.
As God anoints a few to overcome the many, so does the enemy.

So, why do we panic? Why not believe God can and will use the few, the
chosen warriors the Body of Christ who have been and will continue to be faithful? Spiritual Warriors commissioned and sent under His
Blessing, supernatural warfare fought in the heavenlies through the power of prayer and intercession.

And why limit it to national battles? Why not believe for the daily battles we face everyday? So why not raise our hands and cry out, “Here am I Lord, send me as one of the few, the chosen.”

══ღೋƸ̵̡I Hang With The Best! Jesus Is LordƷღೋ══

Rick Joyner: The Battle Belongs to the Lord.. or Does It?

Both the biblical and historic testimonies make it clear that anything attained too fast or too easily is almost always insignificant. We can see this in the lives of everyone who accomplished great things for God. The kind of preparation they went through reflected the significance of their calling. We must get one important fact in our hearts right now—the Lord does not want it to be easy, He wants it to be impossible! The U.S. Navy Construction Battalions (CBs) have a motto, “The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.” That should be the church’s motto.

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Laura Grace: Run With Patience

Sometimes you just have to outlast your enemies! Somtimes your enemies are like the waves of the sea “crashing against you” with discouragements and lies. We must KNOW it’s not God’s will for us to ever be defeated. Know that! And you will be able to stand (and run) more firmly in him. Settle it in your heart once and for all “God does not want me defeated!!” Continue reading

Donna J. Kazenske: Be Careful What You Show the Enemy

Christians should be exercising their spiritual senses on a daily basis just as men in the army do when they are being trained for battle. The church is in a war against spiritual darkness. If we don’t prepare ourselves now, there is a good possibility that we will lose the battle when it’s time for us to stand up and fight. How can we fight if we are not prepared to do so? How can we wage war in battle if we do not know how to use our weapons of war?

Sure Word

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