– Kenneth Hagin:
The Authority of the Believer

As I mentioned earlier, if the devil attacks me, I have authority over him, because I have authority over my own life. I can tell him to leave my house immediately. I also can control situations as long as people are in my presence.

For example, a pastor friend of mine from Fort Worth, Texas, once accompanied me to a campmeeting I was to preach in California. He had suffered from sugar diabetes for many years and had to test his urine every morning to determine how much insulin he needed for his daily injection.

Trying to teach him a lesson of faith, I turned to him as we pulled out of the driveway of his parsonage and I said, “You’ll never register any sugar as long as you’re with me.”

You see, I could control that disease as long as he was with me—as long as he was on my premises. But I couldn’t control it when he was away from me. I would have to train him to exercise spiritual authority for himself.   Continue reading