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Wigglesworth: Chasing Demons Out

Smith Wigglesworth:

Chasing Demons …

I rushed to the attic and laid my hands on my boy in the name of Jesus. I placed my hands on his head and the pain left and went lower down; he cried again, “Put your hands still lower.” At last the pain went right down to the feet and as I placed my hand on the feet be was completely delivered. Some evil power had evidently gotten hold and as I laid my hands on the different parts of the body it left. (We have to see the difference between anointing the sick and casting out demons.) … Continue reading

Prince: Fear of Demons

Derek Prince:  Fear Of Demons

If he can keep humanity unaware of his tactics-or even of his very existence-he can use the twin tools of ignorance and fear to open the way for his destructive purposes. 

Unfortunately, ignorance and fear are not confined to non-Christians. They are often at work inside the Church. All too often Christians have treated demons with superstitious dread, as if they are in the same category as ghosts or dragons.

CORRIE  TEN BOOM commented that the fear of demons is from the demons themselves.

Creflo Dollar: This Thing Called Fear

Written by Creflo A. Dollar

Fear, simply defined, is “a dread, uneasiness, or anxiousness.” But from a biblical standpoint, fear is more than a feeling, it is a spirit.

Second Timothy 1:7 says: “God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

When a believer is influenced by the Holy Spirit, we call it an anointing. This anointing of the Holy Spirit empowers and emboldens (“gives courage to,” or “causes to be bold”). His empowerment enables a Christian to do things he could never do in his own strength and wisdom.

In a sense, the presence of a spirit of fear in your life also brings with it an “anointing” – a negative, destructive anointing. Instead of empowering you, fear paralyzes you.   Continue reading

Hagin: The Insane Woman

Shared from: The Authority of the Believer
by Kenneth Hagin

Many years ago when I was pastoring a little church in Texas, a woman brought her violently insane sister to the parsonage to be prayed for. Because this woman had tried to kill herself and others, she had been in a padded cell for two years. However, her health had deteriorated, and doctors had recommended a furlough at home for her, because she was no longer considered dangerous.

When her sister introduced me as a “preacher,” Scriptures started to roll out of this woman’s mouth. She thought she had committed the unpardonable sin. The Lord told me to stand in front of her and say, “Come out, thou unclean devil, in the Name of Jesus!” I did that, but nothing happened. She just sat there looking like a statue.

I knew I had spoken the word of faith. You don’t have to stand there all day long and command devils to come out. They’re going to do it when you tell them to if you know your authority. They have to go once the command is given in faith.

Two days later I was told the woman was having a violent attack similar to the kind she had had when she first lost her mind. This news didn’t disturb me. In the Bible we read that when Jesus rebuked the devil in such cases, people would fall and the devil would tear them. I knew the devil was just tearing this woman before he left her for good. I knew she wouldn’t have any more spells, and she didn’t. The doctors pronounced her normal and sent her home for good. Twenty years later she was happy and healthy, teaching a Sunday School class and working in a business.


Kenneth Hagin: Devil, Demons, and Demon Possession

shared from
The Authority of the Believer
by Kenneth Hagin Sr.

In 1952, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me in a vision* and talked to me for about an hour and a half about the devil, demons, and demon possession.

At the end of that vision, an evil spirit that looked like a little monkey or elf ran between Jesus and me and spread something like a smoke screen or dark cloud.

Then this demon began jumping up and down, crying in a shrill voice, “Yakety-yak, yakety-yak, yakety-yak.” I couldn’t see Jesus or understand what He was saying.   Continue reading