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James Goll: Personal experience


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Keith Moore: Angels Deliver

Angels l.  Heb 1 14. 

How shall we escape the curse in the world if we neglect the deliverance of angels. 

The angels are assigned the task of delivering the blessing of which we are heirs. This could be deliverance, provision, healing, or whatever we are to receive. 

Angels deliver extended mercy through deliverance and protection, or provision, and many times in the word, it shows us the mercy was not deserved at all. 

They are the messengers of mercy. 

Elijah feeling sorry for himself … and they feed him. 

Lot and his family did not deserve the deliverance 

Angels also come quickly, suddenly. 

Why do we need angels when we are told to live by faith?  We live by faith, and our faith is progressive as we walk towards our due season.  Angels are there to assist in the ‘suddenlies’ that come up. 

Paul Keith Davis: Watchers

Paul Keith Davis says, III Significantly, the Book of Enoch (like the Genesis Apocryphon) refers to these “sons of God” as Watchers. A term, as already noted, found in the Book of Daniel. (5) Why this particular word should be used, we are not told; possibly because part of their function was to keep vigil. R.H.C. Charles, who translates the word “watchers” as “the angels, the children of heaven,” obviously believed they referred to one and the same being.

IV The Book of Enoch alleges that two hundred of these Watchers descended to Earth in the days of Jared (Genesis 5:18), and some of them are given names. The worst one of all is called Azazel. The name occurs in other Jewish Continue reading

Discernment: See the Angels Too!

A lot of christians with the gift of discernment are afflicted by seeing only the work of the enemy. There may be many reasons for this, but one of the reasons is because the angels are not moving. They remain out of sight, still, and unproductive because of our very own words. When we see the enemy or discover his plans, too often we only
speak what we see, thus … we end up agreeing with the plans of the enemy.

Let’s grow up and allow ourselves to believe God is bigger than ANYTHING The enemy can plan.

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