It is easy to overlook the spiritual warfare that is going on around us everyday, but only because we like to look through logical and natural eyes. We tend to migrate towards a more humanistic view of things because we think we can take care of matters in a educated and orderly manner. The problem with that is that there will always be someone who is less intelligent or smarter than we are. We will never have all the answers, nor will always be able to control the environment that we live in, natural nor spiritual.

But, we feel we need control. We need to think that we can better our lives if we get more education and a better job. Perhaps, we think to ourselves, if we could move out of the city life would be peaceful, or perhaps to another state. Whatever the issues are that rise up against us and mess with our sweet little controlled environments, we try hard to believe we can fix them. This is not the case.

There is a kingdom of darkness that fights against us daily. We dare not be ignorant of this kingdom. This page has been created to help the believer recognize this unseen world that fights against us. We are assured of victory, if we submit to the Lord and receive His training in spiritual warfare battles.