Angels l.  Heb 1 14. 

How shall we escape the curse in the world if we neglect the deliverance of angels. 

The angels are assigned the task of delivering the blessing of which we are heirs. This could be deliverance, provision, healing, or whatever we are to receive. 

Angels deliver extended mercy through deliverance and protection, or provision, and many times in the word, it shows us the mercy was not deserved at all. 

They are the messengers of mercy. 

Elijah feeling sorry for himself … and they feed him. 

Lot and his family did not deserve the deliverance 

Angels also come quickly, suddenly. 

Why do we need angels when we are told to live by faith?  We live by faith, and our faith is progressive as we walk towards our due season.  Angels are there to assist in the ‘suddenlies’ that come up.