Yes, the enemy does, but we will not give in  we will be wise to his plans.

Does the enemy strategize?

T A Sparks

Look at your New Testament.  It was said, “Their sound went out into all the earth” (Romans 10:18). It was said that the whole world was touched. But the world has grown a good deal since then.
What happened at that time? The Lord planted nuclei, corporate representations of His Church, first in one nation and then in another, and by their presence the fight broke out.
The one thing that Satan was bent upon was to eject that which inoculated his kingdom with the sovereignty of the Lord; to get it out, break it up, disintegrate it, somehow to nullify it;

turning those concerned one against another,
creating divisions –
anything to spoil,
to mar,
to destroy their representation of Christ’s absolute lordship;
to neutralise that, to get it out, to drive it out,
to do anything to get rid of this thing inside his kingdom.
Satan’s kingdom has acted in this way, as if to say: ‘While that thing is here, we can never be sure of ourselves; while that is here our kingdom is divided, it is
not whole: let us get it out, in order to have our kingdom solid.’