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Spiritual Warfare

Month: April 2018

The Few … The Chosen

The Few.. The Chosen

The reports we hear that a minority of the population are changing the social face of our country are valid spiritual principles if you consider Abraham using only 318 warriors to rescue Lot when he was taken captive by four kings.

If we see ‘The Blessing’ at work by pulling on supernatural help
onto Abraham and his warriors, why can’t we see the enemy putting a supernatural ‘curse’ on these few being used to corrupt our moral fabrics? Didn’t Moses face supernatural powers when he faced Pharaoh? We can see the same spiritual warfare going on right now.
As God anoints a few to overcome the many, so does the enemy.

So, why do we panic? Why not believe God can and will use the few, the
chosen warriors the Body of Christ who have been and will continue to be faithful? Spiritual Warriors commissioned and sent under His
Blessing, supernatural warfare fought in the heavenlies through the power of prayer and intercession.

And why limit it to national battles? Why not believe for the daily battles we face everyday? So why not raise our hands and cry out, “Here am I Lord, send me as one of the few, the chosen.”

══ღೋƸ̵̡I Hang With The Best! Jesus Is LordƷღೋ══

Keith Moore: Angels Deliver

Angels l.  Heb 1 14. 

How shall we escape the curse in the world if we neglect the deliverance of angels. 

The angels are assigned the task of delivering the blessing of which we are heirs. This could be deliverance, provision, healing, or whatever we are to receive. 

Angels deliver extended mercy through deliverance and protection, or provision, and many times in the word, it shows us the mercy was not deserved at all. 

They are the messengers of mercy. 

Elijah feeling sorry for himself … and they feed him. 

Lot and his family did not deserve the deliverance 

Angels also come quickly, suddenly. 

Why do we need angels when we are told to live by faith?  We live by faith, and our faith is progressive as we walk towards our due season.  Angels are there to assist in the ‘suddenlies’ that come up. 

T A Sparks: Does the enemy strategize?

Yes, the enemy does, but we will not give in  we will be wise to his plans.

Does the enemy strategize?

T A Sparks

Look at your New Testament.  It was said, “Their sound went out into all the earth” (Romans 10:18). It was said that the whole world was touched. But the world has grown a good deal since then.
What happened at that time? The Lord planted nuclei, corporate representations of His Church, first in one nation and then in another, and by their presence the fight broke out.
The one thing that Satan was bent upon was to eject that which inoculated his kingdom with the sovereignty of the Lord; to get it out, break it up, disintegrate it, somehow to nullify it;

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T A Sparks… Don’t Quit

Are you fighting a lonely battle? You need co-operation, you need corporate help to fight that battle through and to hold your ground. Mark you, the enemy will drive you out if he can. Preach if you can; but if you cannot, that does not mean that you are to quit.

Until the Lord says, ‘I can do no more here,’ you have to hold on. Do we not know the terrific efforts of
the enemy to drive us out? Many of you have gone far enough to know what that means. If he could put you
out, he would.