Both the biblical and historic testimonies make it clear that anything attained too fast or too easily is almost always insignificant. We can see this in the lives of everyone who accomplished great things for God. The kind of preparation they went through reflected the significance of their calling. We must get one important fact in our hearts right now—the Lord does not want it to be easy, He wants it to be impossible! The U.S. Navy Construction Battalions (CBs) have a motto, “The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.” That should be the church’s motto.

The Lord wanted Israel to start with the impossible to show them right away that there is nothing impossible for Him. That is the mentality that we must have if we are going to possess our Promised Land. This is not about our abilities or inabilities, but about the One who is leading us. What He has called us to do He will empower us to do. This is the mentality of faith that we must have from the very beginning. Those who look at themselves will fear. Those who look to Him will believe. We must keep our eyes on Him. Many Christians struggle their entire lives in confusion about whether they should fight the battles or let the Lord fight them, and the answer is that both are true. In just a couple of cases in Scripture, the Lord told Israel to stand and watch His salvation, but the rest of the time they fought and He fought with them. It is amazing how many have seized on the couple of isolated examples to base their mode of operation while neglecting the rest of the Scriptures. Even if the Lord calls us to stand and watch His salvation, it is not likely that this is what He will call us to do again.

When His people were obedient to Him, they almost always had to fight, and He would supply what they lacked, which meant that sometimes He powerfully and miraculously defeated their enemies, but He still required them to go out and face the enemy. Of course, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, and our fight is not like Israel’s, but it is a fight. We must learn to resist the enemy if he is going to flee from us. We must learn to stand up against evil, injustice, and the unrighteousness that is prevailing over our inheritance.

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