The Word of the Lord came to me in a dream over a month ago. In the dream I saw three different attacks against the Body of Christ. One specific attack WILL BE AGAINST THE FIVE-FOLD MINISTRY! This planned assignment will be organized and carried out by a Leviathan stronghold. There were very sharp weapons that the enemy will use against the five- fold ministers! I was only able to see two distinct weapons that were planned against the teacher and the pastor. The sharp instrument used against the teacher was a surgeon’s scalpel. The enemy plans to “cut away” the truths that are revealed through the teaching anointing. He will attempt to pervert the Truth by twisting the Word. The cutting instrument will also be used to separate believers from not only the Truth, but also from the Body. The devil will attempt to isolate us from each other which will cause a disconnecting.

To overcome this attack, we must be committed to not waver in our decisions to fully serve the Lord. We must be on guard against seducing spirits that will pervert the gospel. We need to connect to our destiny links-those with whom we are in covenant and empower us to fulfill our destiny. Allow the Master Surgeon to use His divine scalpel and “cut away” any area that is defiling.

The other instrument in my dream was a regular knife which was used against the pastors. It was not a surgeons tool, but rather similar to a pocket knife used to quickly cut or stab something or someone. It was a knife used in gang fights which could quickly be pulled out from the pocket to stab an opponent. The enemy is attempting to remain hidden so that he can sneak up on us and stab us. The occult spirit keeps things hidden and then, suddenly, strikes a death blow. The Leviathan spirit has a planned “mafia” attack of violence and destruction in the local church. Satan will attempt to strike out against pastoral headship and divide the Body of Christ. As in the mafia organization, there will be several spirits involved in the assignment. We must take this to prayer and pray against the planned assignments.

To overcome, we must lock in strongly with our leadership. Be careful to guard against pride. Leviathan himself was a sharp instrument and is the King of Pride. (see Job 41:30,34 ) Leviathan is Satan personified upon the earth and the spirit will manifest through pride, having unteachable spirits, and rebellion. This is the year, according to Chuck Pierce, of the clashing of swords. Chuck encouraged each of us to become “sharp instruments” against the enemy. Leviathan has a plan to be a sharp instrument and destroy us, but we are to sharpen our skills and be the point on the arrow that will hit the target!