by Pam Clark (

I was at a conference a few weeks ago where a lady gave a prophetic word and part of that word was the exhortation that Jezebel has been quiet – but that she was not dead but just “asleep” and that she would rise again.

It does seem that we have had a reprieve of sorts from “the Jezebel focus.” But when you realize that this spirit hates the prophetic and intercession, you can figure that the enemy wants to raise her up again if he can.

Jesus said that the spirit of “Elijah is to come” in the last days and we know that spirit was representative in His time through John the Baptist, who had a ministry of declaring righteousness and repentance and the soon coming of the Lord.

Elijah was a powerful man of prayer, even though he was of “like passions as us” or in other words, just as human as we are! But his prayers moved the hands of God in powerful and manifest ways. 

So it only goes to prove that as the end of this age comes to a close before the great coming of the Lord that we will see many preachers of righteousness and prophetic signs and wonders and miracles. The enemy will seek to counter this in lying words, signs and wonders and miracles. We must know the character of God.

Jezebel was a queen of Israel who was inspired by Satan and who rejected the Lord and His ministry, prophets and people. She would use the name of the Lord to manipulate things in such a way to gain her advantage, but when someone else used His Name, she ignored it and did not consider it.

Because Naboth, a resident there, had a vineyard that was attractive to King Ahab but was the inheritance of his fathers, he refused to sell it or trade it for something else because it had special value to him beyond any price that King Ahab could give him for it. He valued his Spiritual heritage and so unlike Esau who sold his birthright for a meal, he refused to sell it just for it to be used for a vegetable garden.

Ahab was moody and began to sulk for this land and when his wife Jezebel asked him what was wrong, he complained to her about this. She said “No problem!” and went to work to destroy not only the reputation, but even the life of a Godly man, just so Ahab could enjoy having a vegetable garden near the palace.

Of course the Spirit of the Lord was grieved by this unrighteousness. But God does not always act immediately in justice like we would like Him to at times because (1) oftentimes we are the ones who need to do something in our God given authority to take dominion and subdue the earth by His Spirit as we were commanded in Genesis, and (2) God will wait for the full manifestation of the evil before He will supernaturally do something about it Himself, waiting for the sin to challenge Him to His Face. This will give man a measure of space in which he can repent.

Because Ahab and Jezebel were the rulers over Israel and could use the Name of the Lord of Israel who had a track record, they felt they could not be defeated. Every now and then Ahab would repent a little bit when confronted, but later he would change his mind to selfish ambitions again. We don’t have a record of where Jezebel repented at all and it was Ahab’s choice to marry her as the queen.

But the reality is that God held Ahab accountable for it because he was the king. He knew that his wife’s works were against the Lord’s ways and he allowed it to be so, and even enjoyed profiting from her actions. In essence, he was rejecting his own relationship with the Lord over this.

The Bible says in I Kings 21:25 “But there was no one like Ahab who sold himself to do wickedness in the sight of the Lord, because Jezebel his wife stirred him up.”

God is long suffering with many because He wants everyone to be saved. He sent His beloved Son to die for that very purpose, to express His love for them. He also sent His prophet Elijah to this situation to confront Ahab but ultimately Ahab rejected the Lord.

When people love the Lord, it’s hard for them to “understand” those who do not. Light and darkness do not comprehend each other. John 1:5 says: “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

Not only can darkness not understand the light (except through His grace), the word “comprehend” means: to take eagerly, i.e. seize, possess, apprehend, attain, come upon, comprehend, find, obtain, perceive, (over-) take. [ref: Strongs] So, darkness cannot extinguish or take over the light! What is in Christ will last!

Because it is the will of God for all to be saved, and Elijah loved the Lord and had His Heart, I believe Elijah was devastated when the awesome acts of God were displayed for Ahab and Jezebel and she still refused to come to the Lord.

It ~seemed~ her power was stronger when what was really going on was that she chose like Judas to have hardness and betray innocent blood and chose murder and betrayal over that which is right and good. Her words sent Elijah running but she ultimately came to her death.

Elijah, as a man, lost heart, but the Lord is faithful and He encouraged Elijah and gave him a supernatural food and a blessing way of escape from this present evil world when He caught Him up in the whirlwind to Heaven, after he had mantled and established a successor to the ministry according to God’s will.

Through others, God dealt with Ahab and Jezebel. The Lord allowed the hedge of protection to fall because of his sins, and Ahab succombed to lying spirits that led to his death in battle, thinking he was invincible. Jezebel was later cast off a balcony to her death and the dogs licked her blood as they had Naboth’s, just as Elijah had prophesied.

Just as Jesus taught us that John had “the spirit of Elijah” so we also know that people can carry “the spirit of Jezebel” or “the spirit of Ahab” or “the spirit of David,” etc. But the choice is ours. People can choose what spirit they want to live in or with by their own decisions. It is our choice.

Jezebel was an evil woman who despised the ways of the Lord. I have encountered this spirit, as have many of you, because this spirit hates the prophetic ministry and hates true intercession.

This spirit will manipulate, slander, murder, intimidate, mock and destroy those who choose the humility and petitioning of the Lord for His mercies and power. This spirit will conspire and set others against each other and come against the Lord’s work for the sake of promoting their own causes. This spirit will engage the “new age” false life which is only a counterfeit of the real. (Now some people are ignorant, but some are not.)

There are no lengths (because there is no conviction) that this spirit will not go to to destroy the Lord’s anointed. It can be very sneaky and will use flattery and smooth words, as Jezebel did. It will appear right when it’s very wrong. It’s not about her make up, unless the make up helped her cause for the trap.

Sometimes the anti-Christ spirit is so powerful in its position that all you can do is humble yourself and agree with the Lord and wait for Him to act in His vengeance. You may suffer or even die as Naboth did but the Lord does not forget. Since the Lord is the Resurrection and the Life, He can restore to a better life.

But He gives us all free will. There are people in intercessory ministry leadership who have taught us how to use Scriptures to pray in God’s will. If we do not know that Foundation of Love, we can even use Scriptures to pray amiss if they are not properly balanced with the center cornerstone of the Love of Christ.

Through some teaching and prayers of others, I learned to declare my agreement that the spirit of Jezebel was cast down in my life and I saw changes accordingly. But when I heard this word that she would revive, I was petrified because that evil spirit almost killed me and most certainly shattered my heart, with a disbelief at the lengths it would go to come against good people and outright lie to have its way.

All I could do was run to the Lord for safety and cry out until He either equipped me or helped me to deal with it. Since things seemed to be going better in many ways and many things were restored even better in some respects, I had been feeling a rest, but I then ran to the Lord when I heard this word about that revival.

I asked the Lord what to do as I did not want to relive ANY of that evil again and He spoke to me to agree with Him for His will against “the spirit of Ahab.” Ahab was destroyed because he gave license to evil and rejected the word of the Lord for repentance for right standing with the Lord. God offered His Love to them, with miracles, but both Ahab and Jezebel rejected it.

You can have false friends. Sometimes it’s very sad to find out that those you love and trust really are working behind your back against you. We don’t want to live a life of paranoia, but sadly, we all can be fooled that way. Jesus Himself is our testimony that it can and will happen, but we need to continue in our faith of believing in His Victory, even to the death, because He is the Resurrection of Life!

Athaliah was of royal lineage and when her son, a king died, she worked to murder all the rightful heirs to the throne so she could have that power. Like Absolom who came against his father David from anger, she tried to usurp the throne.

2 Kings 11:1 “When Athaliah the mother of Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she arose and destroyed all the royal heirs.” But Joash, an infant who was heir, escaped with his nurse and they hid. (v.3) “So he was hidden with her in the house of the Lord for six years, while Athaliah reigned over the land.

Later the troops gathered and deployed and Athaliah was dethroned. We must be careful to be in agreement with the Lord’s Spirit because some positions can seem real and not really be legitimate. The devil is a master con artist. Some people will con their authority and friendship but really be about personal gain and advantage with the Godly ones as the expense for it.

But I learned to declare that “the spirit of Athaliah is dethroned, and Jezebel is cast down” when dealing with some false friends and very evil circumstances. When I feared the “awakening” of Jezebel to wreak havoc, I went to the Lord who said pray in agreement with Him against “the spirit of Ahab,” for that is what gives Jezebel the authority she uses to legislate evil decrees. When I did, I felt a great peace come over me.

Jezebel was not dealt with until Ahab was. She was under his covering by the choice of both of them. When Ahab was destroyed, Jezebel soon followed in the dealings of God and the land saw peace from its former terrors. Thank God for His mercies!

So I have learned to pray and declare according to God’s word that “the spirit of Athaliah is dethroned, the spirit of Jezebel is cast down, and that the spirit of Ahab is destroyed by the sword (the word) of the Lord.” I know I cannot come against these strong spirits in my own strength and sometimes it is very hard to find Godly agreement. But I can hide myself in His tower (His Word).

God wants ALL to come to His saving grace and find mercy and help in our times of need, but some just flat out refuse to and He will give space for them. But through our God we can do valiantly and win!

Once these spirits are dealt with by our agreement with God’s Spirit, then seekers can petition God and have His rule and reign of righteousness and loving kindnesses and justice and blessings. He wants His Spirit in us in the earth. We must learn to stand in the will of the Lord through His Word.